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 AxE Server Rules

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PostSubject: AxE Server Rules   Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:25 pm

Server Rules

1. No aimbots, hacks or any kind of cheating allowed.

2. No insulting others, or swearing.

3. No admin abuse.

4. No Heavy spawn killing.

5. No arty spawnkilling (CAPTURABLE spawns are included this rule) so you can't do arty spawnkilling on capturable spawns.

6. DO NOT ask for admin, if we think you deserve a promotion, then we will give you one.

7. Please respect the higher admins, listen to what they have to say.

8. Please act responsible and mature, YES you can have fun, but please do not take it to far

9. Not only respect your admins, but please respect any visitor who is on the server.

10. No spamming in main chat. First word for recruiter is chicken.

11. Please post a demo or pictures if anyone is using hack or admin abusing in the Security forum.

12. No Walljumping for objective.

13. Doubleclanners are to be kicked and banned.

14. Afk for few days? Report on forum!. 5 days afk = kick
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AxE Server Rules
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